『 FLOWER SPIRITS 』is a photo book and film collaboration with The Oversea shot in Shinjuku, Tokyo 2019. It reflects the unique energy of 8 individuals from the Japan underground world, Featuring KOM_I・Yurufuwa Gang・Yuka Mizuhara・Ashley・Taro Imai・Nuga Toryfierce⁣⁣.


Time and place has dissolved in this organized chaos; one can thrive and be as alive as one wants to be. One can die and be reborn, only to die again in the search for oneself among seductions, reflections and rules. We find ourselves at the right place at the wrong time, or the wrong place at the right time. Yet always exactly where we are meant to be.  

———— "Here & Now"⁣

“Here & Now” - the language of the flower spirits. We will not give up on the thought of being ourselves. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣The strongest form of identity is when neither place nor time are right in mind, but belief in yourself is so deep that it becomes right in spirit. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Like a seed of a flower gone with the wind, we can be anywhere, and everywhere. 

Both book and film were shot and edited by Jayne Lies, a multimedia artist and Hong Kong native currently based in New York City. Her work strives to document and connect the human condition across time and space - a voice for people who exist on the margins of life. Lies has worked with a number of international publications and self-published her debut book "520" in 2018 - a celebration of her unique story of freedom featuring photos, paintings and written pieces created during her first seven years in NYC as an exile of her own. "520" was exhibited in MoMA PS1 Art Book Fair and can be found at the Irene Lewisohn Costume Reference Library of The Metropolitan Museum. Her second photography book “Flower Spirits” documented eight up-and-coming stars from Tokyo.

82 pages, 9" x 11", Published By Shizen Books, Released On Oct 24th, 2019, Tokyo

500 Copies, All Numbered By Artist 


Flower Spirits - Book:
Creative Direction, Photography, Writing, Illustration: Jayne Lies
Book Design: Jayne Lies & Joseph Marinetti

Text Edit: Mountain
Translation: Reiko Loucks

Flower Spirits - Moving and Still Images:
Director, Editor, Director of Photography: Jayne Lies
Production: The Oversea
Book Publisher: Shizen Books
Creative Direction: Yoko Okutsu
Styling: Risa Kato
Film Score: Mountain
Hair & Make Up: Koshi Okutsu, Akitsune Takemura, Sakie Miura,
Takeru Urushibara

Talents: KOM_I, Yurufuwa Gang (Ryugo Ishida & NENE), Yuka Mizuhara, Ashley, TAKERU, Nuga Toryfierce, Taro Imai

©2020 Jayne Lies. All Rights Reserved.