"Human, Right?" Fundraising T-Shirt


Proceeds go to Spark Alliance HK 星火同盟 providing aid for legal counsel and bail fees to the innocent 


⋆ We made this tee to support the under privileged freedom fighters against authoritarian regimes, the innocents who have been unjustly arrested and cannot afford lawyers to get them out. The latest and youngest victim is only 13 years old. He was saying "Hong Kong, add oil" in a plea to aid his country’s fight for freedom. There are also many mysterious bodies found floating in the river and lying dead in the street, said to have jumped from buildings, etc. yet there is no blood to be seen. Innocent women have been getting arrested despite severe sexual assault experienced from the police (triggering HK’s own Me Too March), and lots of them are also still said to be missing. 


⋆“Human, Right?” Love. Understanding. The dire need for this during these conflicts, we ask this question to authoritarian regimes around the world - do you still feel human in the midst of your injustice and mistreatment of your own people? 


⋆ Made in black color to stand in solidarity with HK and express our eternal Human Right to fight for each other’s freedom. 

"Human, Right?" T-Shirt